How to train your... Refind Bot

The Refind Bot analyzes your links to make personalized recommendations. Interactions with links are (generally) positive signals (e.g., a save). And now you can also provide negative signals explicitly:

  • Not interesting
  • I've already seen this

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 19.29.10.png 63.57 KB

Train the Refind Bot so it gives you more personalized recommendations. 

These feedback signals are actually part of a broader concept that we now use throughout Refind – not only for recommendations. You can provide the following (negative) signals for links in general by clicking the arrow on links:

  • Not interesting
  • I've already seen this
  • This is spam
  • This is offensive

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Providing these signals has the following effects:

  • The link disappears from your feed and will no longer show up.
  • The Refind Bot learns your preferences (or dislikes, in this case) and tries to make better recommendations in the future.
  • It improves Refind's link quality in general as we learn about spam/offensive links quickly.

Happy Signaling! :)